Trust yourself


Hi, I haven’t been here for a while. Sorry not sorry, I’ve been busy last time. This post will be about trust and be scared.

Trust people – is it reasonable? I don’t know, for sure it’s brave, you never know who’s trustworthy and who’s definitely not. You can suppose, if you’re lucky enough you have this feeling in your bones.. but.. yeah there’s always but. It’s easy to make a mistake, fixing is more engaging, difficult – if it’s possible at all.


The best answer is – definitely trust yourself – your heart, your intuition, sometimes listen to your brain also, and you’ll be alright. You know the answer, you know what you want, you know what’s the best for yourself.

Don’t be silly, don’t ignore sights, don’t be naive, don’t be afraid of asking questions – at least you’ll be lucky and you’ll get the answer earlier. That’s your life, your decisions don’t be scared!


and even if you are… that’s okay. We’re all just human beings. I’m not worried to say that I’m scared sometimes, it’s natural, what’s more, I think it’s good, I can consider not only one possibility. Anyway, I trust myself also, I made many mistakes I learned from them, I fixed some, I wasn’t able to fix some of them too and there were some which I didn’t want to fix.

First of all trust yourself! Then you can take a risk and trust some special people around you. Hey! remember they’re exactly the same as you! 🙂