This post is just about being thankful.
A huge thank you to my two magnificent flatmates who have become my close friends in such a short time. I guess that some people won’t understand me, but to those of you who do – life is about people. It’s been a while since I moved in, and I have to say that my life has changed a lot since then. Absolutely everything!

Most importantly, I’ve learnt how to give and take. I’ve never had a problem with giving, I’m a kind person and taking just wasn’t really my thing – it’s not about expectation, I just felt uncomfortable when someone did something nice for me. Weird, isn’t it? Yeah, so welcome to my world. It took me a while to learn it but I did, and I’m much happier! It’s all about balance!
I’ve also learnt to ask for help, finally realising that there’s nothing wrong when you need a hand. Living overseas, your life becomes more about friends since your family is far away. No matter whether you like it or not you have to separate yourself from them somewhat to be happy and enjoy life where you are. I finished so many fake friendships – ‘so many’ is probably too big a word, so let’s go with ‘a few’ instead. It wasn’t easy, but for sure was right!

At some point, there is a moment when you feel like, ‘okay.. I’m done’, but I’m lucky that life has brought me a lot of new experiences – both good and bad. Teaching me that no matter what happens you’ll survive. I never thought that I could lose all the motivation I used to have a few years ago. My life was all about studying, going to the gym, and having enough makeup on my face – just joking about the makeup, but yeah that was important for a while. I was all about positive thinking and the worst thing that happened to me was that the boy who I liked broke up with me. After a year of living the dream, life hit and the struggle was real. Dealing with real life became something normal – solving problems, making decisions, getting my shit together. I’ve always been grateful for the life my parents gave me, but after I decided to live on my own I found myself unable to cope with all the things that I never had to worry about. Now I’ve learnt my lesson. So, when life sucks – when it’s so bad that you don’t want to do anything especially work, and the only thing which you dream about is going on a long holiday and never coming back – just accept it and keep going. I am Aquarius and doing what I have to do is definitely not my thing haha! I love being independent and doing whatever I feel like – but If I think this way, I would be very unhappy right now. I couldn’t lie to myself that life was sweet and easy when it was actually kicking my ass! The only thing I could do was to accept it. Once I accepted it, I could stop being worried or upset, and just start doing what I needed to make my situation better. I don’t even know how but everything has settled down and worked itself out!

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  1. Sadah says:

    well written

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  2. Świetny post Martynko, Życie potrafi kopać po tyłku nie bez powodu .Każdy cios wzmacnia i dodaje sił. Śledzę Twój blog od początku ,gdy byłaś jeszcze w Polsce. Cieszę się, za na swojej drodze spotkałaś wspaniałych ludzi, którzy pomogli ci się pozbierać:) Zaglądałam do Ciebie z tego adresu

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    1. Dziekuje za miły komentarz!:)

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