Xmass memories

I spend last Christmas with my best friend and her family. That was a very Aussie time, which I loved, oh I  smuggled some polish bigos anyway:D haha…

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The christmas tree decoration was, of course, my thing!

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We have very strong Christmas traditions in Poland, while here in Australia, it’s a bit more casual – the weather is nice and hot – it’s  middle of summer, so all what you want is to spend days on the beach, instead of cooking heavy food, and make yourself cozy in front of the fire place! It’s more about sea food, light salads and refreshing drinks, then cakes, meat and more meat.  Don’t take my wrong I love both!


My first Christmas here in Australia was good. I just didn’t feel any Christmas atmosphere – it was weird to have Christmas in summer – I loved it, but it was just like – I don’t know – Easter 😀 The weather is such a big influence.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetWaking up with the view<3

The second time was better, I prepared proper Christmas dinner with some international friends, which was amazing! We tried different traditional Christmas dishes – was yummy and interesting, and my brother was with me so I had the very important member of my family next to me.

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The third time was totally Aussie! I spent a great time with El and her family. We had a lot of delicious food, drinks, nice weather, and so much fun! I realized that even though I was far away from my family I didn’t miss them too much because I was part of El’s family.  It’s not that I didn’t miss them every day… but at that time it wasn’t hard,​ eventhough that was a Christmas time​. Her mum asking me for help in the kitchen, preparing meals or watching movies together – it was like home. That’s what makes us happy: to feel that we’re needed and loved – not sure about all of you but this makes me happy for sure.

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As I said in my previous post Thoughts – life is about people. I’m really glad that I met people who care, look after me and support me – and I do my best to be the same for them.Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

So we had this lovely bacon and eggs for Christmas breakfast ❤ haha was delicious! ❤ okay, I’m not a big fan of bacon that’s why I had my eggs and smashed avocado:D

And then this amazing coastal walk in Royal National Park ❤

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Dinner with those lovely people!

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The weather during the Christmas wasn’t too warm – just Christmas Eve was extremely hot with 38 degrees. Then the Sun showed up again on Boxing Day – so we went to the beach. It wasn’t too sunny, just 24 degrees, and pretty windy – perfect day for the beach. Yeah… I really enjoyed, and end up with sunstroke and 2nd-degree​ sunburn on 70% of my body. Now I’m laughing… then I was crying, and promising myself to never go to the beach again. I’m not an idiot, I put sunscreen before I left home, but then I didn’t re-apply again because it wasn’t too hot.. never trust Australian weather. I’ve learned my lesson. SPF 50 – has always been in my bag since then.

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Luckily I had two weeks holiday from work so I could recover 🙂 Omitting this accident I have a lot of great memories! I spent a whole week with my best friend before she was off to Canada for a whole year… El I miss you so much!

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