I turned 26 this year. Yay! We celebrated my bday at the French restaurant Hubert and I couldn’t have chosen a better place!<3

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The restaurant is done in the old French style, you feel like you’ve traveled to another country for a lovely evening.  It’s a bit expensive – but it’s definitely worth it, the perfect place if you want to feel a bit fancy and celebrate a special occasion!  We’ve tested delicious dishes while drinking nice wine – and trust me they offer a huge variety of wines. The wine list is as big as a book – good luck with choosing!

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So we started with this lovely bread and shaved butter with dry-cured culatello. Duck parfait – which was my favorite dish –  didn’t look very nice,  but omg was it delicious! Seasonal vegetables, prawns, and garlic aioli ❤ Roasted snails, beef tartare, a whole chicken with bread sauce and green garlic plus even more! We picked banquet menu (small one) which actually comes with so much food, we had some trouble to finish it!

That was a late dinner, we started at 9pm and finished just before midnight. There was no rush, meals served slowly, so we could have nice chat and enjoy each other’s company.  I had such a great night with my friends.

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Very appreciate all the effort they put into making me feel special that day:)  It was quite difficult to organize all of them together haha, so I had kind of bday week…

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To those of you who are my age, but haven’t turned  26 yet. It’s a pretty good time! I feel young, less lost and more aware of myself. I have almost sorted out the issues that I wanted to! Realizing, that my mistake was trying to get answers from people around me, while I’m the only one who knows what’s the best for me. So I turned to myself instead and it works:) Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with not knowing … it happens to all of us. One day you know, the other day you don’t. It’s okay. Don’t be worried, just keep going, do what you do, or leave your safe zone, and you will work it out.

I always wanted to be an actress, that was my dream – I loved literature, poems, plays… that’s my world – I still love it and always will.  I’ve spent a lot of time practicing and studying to make it actually happen. Then one day realized that it is not what I want to do for the rest of my life. I finished what I started, but that’s it. Someone said: Sometimes you have to get lost to find yourself. I honestly follow this thought!

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See ya! And definitely, visit Hubert, they run happy hours from 5pm – 7pm for some drinks and finger food! Perfect spot for a drink after work with some mates!

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