Carriageworks, Katharina Grosse

Hi guys! 

For last three-month Carriageworks has commissioned a large-scale work by German artist Katharina Grosse. The exhibition ends on 6th of April so you still have time to go there and see this extraordinary work. Every weekend Carriageworks hosts Market, where you can get breakfast, or just buy fresh, bio, eco products like eggs, cheese, bread, jams, honey and make your brekkie at home! Don’t forget to get some fresh flowers, and make your kitchen table at home beautiful:)

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The artist has utilized​ more than 8,000 square meters​ of fabric, draped and knotted in direct response to Carriageworks’ architecture. Using a spray gun, Grosse has created a multilayered painting on the surfaces and folds of the fabric, resulting in a sublime and otherworldly environment.

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Her comments about the work is very interesting: ‘It describes that moment when you go into the kitchen because you wanted to get the car keys, and then all of a sudden you don’t know why you are there… and in that moment you realise something else about yourself, something that you can’t describe; that you’re on this planet and that the scent in the air is beautiful; you are somewhere, going someplace, but then you halt; then you think “That’s what I’m doing”… and so that’s a little bit of what we are doing. It also refers to my absurd need for a really huge surface to paint on…’

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It was very beautiful, such a great feeling to be surrounded by colorful fabric. Deep, expressive colors make an impression of being on another planet.

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Most of the people just got there to take nice photos, I did the same, photos are really breathtaking, it looks like people there are part of the work. It’s good to put your phone in your pocket, just stand in the middle and look around and feel it – feel the beauty and uniqueness of the place.

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Remember you have time until 6th of April!

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