Waiting for a perfect time

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I’ve recently read a very interesting article, about life choices, we might seriously regret. Living someone’s else dreams; Waiting to be picked; Failing to try; Giving up too soon and finally waiting for a perfect time are decisions made because of fair. Fear of failure – but one day you’ll regret that you didn’t fail, that you didn’t try. Life is short. Youth is finite.  When you’re a child time goes slow, really slow, you want to grow up, start living a real life, and then you’re 20… 25….30…50…. time just flies…. every year faster, and faster… The only good thing you can do is realize that you don’t have time.

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Waiting for a perfect time – I want to focus on this one the most.

There’s nothing like perfect time – time can be more or less convenient, but never perfect. Once you acknowledge this, you will get much more meaningful work done every day. Waiting for a better time is just wasting time by doing nothing. Making more and more excuses every day. Is your goal too difficult to gain? Start slowly, step by step, make one decision, maybe wait a bit, make another one, get some rest, think about it, try something new, make next decision, maybe take a risk… slowly, slowly… you will grow full of self-awareness, confidence, and experience.

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Do you want to have a successful life? Strat living, make decisions, fail, try, risk… especially when you’re young, later, can be too late.

Sometimes big things, need time – but it doesn’t mean, that you can just wait to get it for free. One of the most important things I’ve learned from life is that nothing comes for free. You have to work for it, or at least you should – so you can fully enjoy your success – repeating in your head the long way you went through to achieve it.  It’s called satisfaction.

If something needs time… let it grow… make little steps, get closer and closer, or pull back to finally do double step forward.

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It’s your life. You decide. I’m aware that I didn’t say anything revealing above – we all know that.  It’s just good to stop for a second and think about life, your life. Isn’t it the only one life which is the most important for you?

People love comparing their life to the others, someone’s life can look amazing, from one perfective, but can be destructive and devasting from the other. Focus on your one – one day you’ll have to answer yourself a question if you’re happy. and even if you will try to lie, you will know the truth inside.

Good luck!